Curricula Vitae of Company Director / David W Clark, BSc, MSc.

David Clark has experience in industry, Consulting and in University teaching.  His education includes a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and Masters Degree in Management Science from Texas Christian University. His University teaching experience has included three years in the MJ Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University as Project co-ordinator of Leadership Development and as an instructor in statistics and decision theory.

Since 1979, he has owned and managed his own manufacturing and consulting businesses, and since 1982. These businesses have been primarily involved with housing and biocontainment of research animals. His is currently Worldwide Company Director of BioZone Global Ltd specializing in animal housing and biocontainment for research laboratories Worldwide.

His consulting in areas of a technical nature has included research laboratory and facility design in Europe and North America. He has been responsible for the engineering and construction of BSl3 and BSL4 biocontainment facilities specializing in the HVAC designs for such facilities as well as the innovative design and manufacture of the specialized animal containment equipment such as Isolation cubicles and Ventilated Racks for housing laboratory animals