Curricula Vitae of Company Director

David Clark has experience in industry, Consulting and in University teaching. His education includes a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and Masters Degree in Management Science from Texas Christian University. His University teaching experience has included three years in the MJ Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University as Project co-ordinator of Leadership Development and as an instructor in statistics and decision theory.

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Environmental Policy

BioZoneGlobal is aware of and committed to its responsibilities to our environment. To this end we have adopted an environmental statement to outline our aims:

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Avoiding Cold Stress in the Vivarium

The goal of all researchers is to perform the most consistent and reliable research to produce the most accurate results. One of the key factors to ensure that research is consistent and reliable in the animal lab is avoiding cold stress by maintaining appropriate and comfortable housing for the animals. Download the white paper to learn more

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  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center NY
  • California Pacific Medical Center San Francisco
  • University of Medicine an Dentistry  of NJ, Newark
  • Hannover Medical School, Hannover Germany
  • University of Cologne, Koeln Germany