ISOLATION CUBICLES – Flexibility with Containment


  • Custom built to your requirements
  • Horizontal laminar flow of air for greater protection positive or negative
  • Electro-magnetic door lock for greater security
  • Counter-balanced doors for easier opening and closing
  • Designed to be easy to clean


The ECU-80 Series Units are designed to be used in conjunction with the BioZone MR-2001 Series Vertical Sliding Door Units for a complete Animal MiniRoom providing environmental control and containment in animal research facilities by:

  • Maintaining a positive, or a negative, differential pressure between the animal environment (the MiniRoom) and the adjacent rooms;
  • Controlling the number of fresh air changes per hour in the MiniRoom;
  • Controlling the temperature/humidity of the animal environment; and
  • Filtration of the supply and/or the exhaust air.

The units operate independently of the central air handling system and do not affect the balance of the central system. A unit can be installed to obtain supply air from, and extract air to, the central part of the room, or directly from and to the supply and exhaust air ducts. HEPA filters can be installed to provide filtration of the supply air to, and/or the exhaust air from, the MiniRoom. The unit controls can be quickly and easily adjusted to maintain a positive, or a negative, differential pressure between the animal environment and the adjacent room. The controls can also be adjusted to regulate the volume of air flow through the MiniRoom. Reheat coils and regulating thermostats can be provided to allow individual temperature control within eachMiniRoom. Humidity control can also be provided. Computer design and construction enable the MR- 2001 Animal MiniRoom and the ECU-80 Series Units to be economically built to special requirements of the client and to meet the needs of the research and animal care operations. The Units are installed in the ceiling space of the MiniRoom behind the transom assembly against which the vertically telescoping doors are stored when in the open position, or in the interstitial space above the ceiling. In most installations, MiniRooms with MR-2001 Door Units can be later fitted with ECU-80 Environmental Control Units.